SAILON Far-UVC 222nm Lamp

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How Does SAILON Far-UVC 222 nm Lamp Work?

SAILON UV  is the first Chinese manufacturer to mass-produce FAR-UVC  222nm lamps.Defeat COVID-19 Now!


SAILON Far-UVC (222 nm) light is the first safe, effective, autonomous, and continuous disinfection system for occupied spaces. While the best current alternative for sanitation in occupied spaces requires workers to constantly wipe down chairs, counters, and any other surface between contact with each individual, it is not practical in practice, puts those workers at risk, and is subject to human error, like missing spots. Not to mention, wiping surfaces down does not address the airborne threat at all.

No Harmful To Humans

SAILON Far-UVC (222 nm) light does not penetrate human and/or animal skin or eyes.

Effective for Sanitizing

SAILON Far-UVC (222 nm) lamps are superior to existing UV sanitation systems (typically operating at 254nm) in occupied spaces for a very simple reason: Legacy UV-C sanitation systems are ineffective at disinfecting surfaces and air in occupied spaces because the kill mechanism allows pathogens to be reactivated by UV-A light, which includes sunlight, fluorescent lights, and other light sources after sanitation.

The 222nm Far UV Difference

SAILON Far-UVC (222 nm) lighting is much safer for humans and animals

Although SAILON Far-UVC (222 nm) light can penetrate and kill bacteria such as MRSA, it is unable to penetrate the nucleus of human cells. UV from conventional 254nm lamps can penetrate and damage sensitive cells in the epidermis.
SAILON FAR-UVC (222nm) Lights completely eradicate single-cell organisms, with less energy and with no photoreactivation. SAILON UV kills microbes by resonating with the proteins in the microbe’s outer membrane causing it to fail, rather than just the DNA itself.

SAILON Far-UVC (222 nm) UV Light Applications

We are working hard to enable new industry standards for safety and raise awareness of this groundbreaking new air and surface disinfection technology, providing much more practical, safe, and efficient solutions for large important markets and applications including:​
  1. Hospital
  2. Airport
  1. Bus
  1. Elevator
  1. School
  1. Air Purification System

222nm UV lamp is no harmful to eyes and skins,More Details: